Why study anatomy & physiology?

Learn about the structure and function of the human body

A solid understanding of the anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of the human body is essential to further study in the health, performance, and nutrition sciences. It's also critical for existing practitioners (trainers, coaches, nutritionists etc) to be current with their knowledge of the human body. No matter whether you are aiming for future study, to be a better coach or practitioner, or simply are passionate about knowing more about the human body to help you achieve your health and performance goals, this accelerated learning program will set you on the right track!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Introduction to the human body

  • 3

    Chemical and Cellular Organisation of the Human Body

    • The cellular and chemical levels of organisation

    • Cell organelles and their functions

    • Active and passive transport

    • Progress quiz

  • 4

    The Integumentary System

    • The integumentary system

    • The amazing human skin

    • Progress quiz

  • 5

    The Skeletal System

    • The skeletal system

    • Types of joint movement

    • Progress quiz

  • 6

    The Nervous System

    • The nervous system

    • Resting membrane potential

    • Synaptic nerve transmission

    • Progress quiz

  • 7

    The Muscular System

    • The muscular system

    • The neuromuscular junction

    • Sliding filament theory of muscle contraction

    • Progress quiz

  • 8

    The Cardiovascular System

    • The cardiovascular system

    • Pulmonary and systemic circulation

    • Progress quiz

  • 9


    • Blood

    • Components of blood and their importance

    • Progress quiz

  • 10

    The Endocrine System

    • The endocrine system

    • Hormones and secondary messengers

    • Progress quiz

  • 11

    The Immune System

    • The immune system

    • Immune system summary

    • Progress quiz

  • 12

    The Lymphatic System

    • The lymphatic system

    • Lymphatics overview

    • Progress quiz

  • 13

    The Respiratory System

    • The respiratory system

    • Pressure and volume of gases (Boyle's Law)

    • The mechanism of breathing

    • The physiology of gas exchange

    • Progress quiz

  • 14

    The Digestive System

    • The digestive system

    • Metabolism and nutrition

    • Progress quiz

  • 15

    The Urinary System

    • The urinary system

    • Urinary system summary

    • Urine formation

    • Progress quiz

  • 16

    The Reproductive System

    • The reproductive system

    • Intro to the reproductive system

    • The male reproductive system

    • Reproduction

    • Progress quiz

  • 17

    Additional Resources

    • Anatomy and Physiology Notes Pages

  • 18

    Final Examination

    • Anatomy and Physiology Final Exam


Associate Lecturer [Anatomy & Physiology]

Carolyn Arthur

BSc, Grad.Cert.Tchg, Cert.Bus, PTC
Carolyn holds degrees in science and certifications in teaching, personal training, and business. She is a former tutor of anatomy and physiology at AUT University and is a world championship level triathlete.

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