Registration opportunities

Register with the Sports Nutrition Association or Clinical Nutrition Association

Qualification Pathways

Learning pathways with The Holistic Performance Institute

What can I study and where can it take me?

Educational background HPI Course Career & industry opportunities
I have never studied health or nutrition before Certificate in Foundations of Nutrition Science Graduates can progress into the HPN1 Nutrition Coach training programs
I have a previous certificate/diploma/degree AND I have completed a course in Anatomy & Physiology HPN1
Certified Holistic & Performance Nutrition Coach
(Health Coach Track)
HPN1 students choosing the health coaching track will be able to work as nutrition and health coaches supporting health and performance.

(We are currently working towards HPN1 graduates being able to register with The Health Coaches Association of New Zealand and Australia)

Certified Holistic & Performance Nutrition Coach
(Sports Nutritionist Track)
HPN1 Sports Nutritionist Track graduates are eligible to register with the Sports Nutrition Association as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist
I have completed HPN1
(either track)
Certified Holistic & Performance Nutritionist
Graduates of HPN2 are eligible to register as Clinical Nutritionists with the Clinical Nutrition Association of New Zealand