Registration opportunities

Register with the Health Coaches Association, Sports Nutrition Association, or Clinical Nutrition Association

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Qualification Pathways

Learning pathways with The Holistic Performance Institute

What can I study and where can it take me?

Educational background HPI Course Career & industry opportunities
I have never studied health or nutrition before

Certificate in Foundations of Nutrition Science

Or Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach

Graduates of the CertFHSc can progress into the HPN1 programs

Graduates of the CertHLC can register as health coaches with HCANZA
I have a previous certificate/diploma/degree AND I have completed a course in Anatomy & Physiology HPN1
Certified Holistic & Performance Nutrition Coach
(Health Coach Track)
HPN1 students choosing the health coaching track will be able to work as nutrition and health coaches supporting health and performance and register as a Registered Health Coach with The Health Coaches Association of New Zealand and Australia

Certified Holistic & Performance Nutrition Coach
(Sports Nutritionist Track)
HPN1 Sports Nutritionist Track graduates are eligible to register with the Sports Nutrition Association as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist
I have completed HPN1
(either track)
Certified Holistic & Performance Nutritionist
Graduates of HPN2 are eligible to register as Clinical Nutritionists with the Clinical Nutrition Association of New Zealand