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  • Have HPI courses been government assessed?

    Our HPN1 and HPN2 courses have been assessed for micro-credential equivalency by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

  • Can I practice as a nutritionist after completing the courses?

    Yes! Our HPN1 graduates in the Sports Nutritionist track are eligible to register with the Sports Nutrition Association and practice as Accredited Sports Nutritionists.

    Graduates of HPN2 can register with the Clinical Nutrition Association and work as Registered Clinical Nutritionists.

  • Can I pay by installments?

    Yes, our courses offer a range of easy installment payments.
    Go to the course page to find all the payment options.

  • Do you offer financial assistance?

    We believe in fairness and equity and have a range of options available for people from low income countries and those with government assistance cards.
    Financial assistance information

  • How long does HPN1 and HPN2 take to complete?

    HPN1 students have up to 2 years to complete the Holistic & Performance Nutrition Coaching program at your own pace, but most members complete it within a year studying part-time (approx 7 hours a week). How quickly you go through the course is entirely up to you! HPN2 takes about the same amount of time as HPN1 - however, there is an additional 6 months of mentoring, which you can either do while you're studying or once you've completed it. If you really knuckled down and studied full-time (i.e. 20+ hours per week), you could complete both programs within a year.

  • How is HPN1 and HPN2 tested? Are there tests at the end of each course?

    There is an assignment for each module and an exam at the end of the course. Ashley Greaves, our (awesome and very supportive) members support guru, will help guide you through the required assessments.

  • How are the courses taught? Is it all online? Can I study on any device?

    All of our courses are taught online and can be studied at your own pace, on any device, from anywhere around the world.

  • What's the difference between the two HPN1 tracks? What if I can't decide?

    Our Sports Nutritionist track leads to registration with the Sports Nutrition Association as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist. This means that you will be able to register, be insured, and work with people as a nutritionist for performance and sports improvement. The Health Coaching track focusses on health coaching and looks more at behavioural change for health. We are currently working towards this being accredited by the Health Coaches Association of Australia and New Zealand. We also now offer a combined program (Sports Nutritionist + Health Coach) for just a small amount more.

  • What's the difference between being a Sports Nutritionist and an Holistic and Performance Nutritionist (HPN2)?

    Being a Holistic and Performance Nutritionist is different from being a Sports Nutritionist as the latter is unable to work with disease and disorder. Graduates of our Certified Holistic & Performance Nutritionist qualification (HPN2) are now eligible for registration with the Clinical Nutrition Association. To enter this HPN2 clinical nutrition training program you must have completed our Certified Holistic & Performance Nutrition Coach or Sports Nutritionist (HPN1) program.

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