Why clinical nutrition?

Nutrition is one of the most effective medicines. Learn how to apply nutrition, that works, from an evidence-basis.

  • Expert instructors in clinical nutrition

  • Video lessons with evidence-based treatments for all common diseases and disorders

  • White papers, research papers, and treatment protocols available to download

  • Part of the Holistic & Performance Nutritionist programme, build your way to becoming a Certified Holistic & Performance Nutritionist!

Course curriculum

    1. ADHD

    2. Alzheimer's disease

    3. Ketones for neurodegenerative disorders

    4. Ketones and neurodegenerative disorders treatment protocol

    5. Asthma

    6. Autism Spectrum Conditions

    7. Bipolar

    8. Cancer

    9. Ketogenic diets and cancer treatment

    10. Candida

    11. Cholesterol and hypertension

    12. Coeliac Disease

    13. Colds and flu

    14. Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine for COVID-19

    15. COVID-19 Emerging Treatments

    16. COVID Vaccination Adverse Events

    17. Post-COVID Syndrome

    18. COVID-19 Research Review & Treatment Notes

    19. Depression

    20. Diabetes

    21. Eating Disorders

    22. Eating Disorders Treatment Protocol

    23. Eczema

    24. Epilepsy

    25. Fatigue

    26. Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD)

    27. Hypothyroidism

    28. Hayfever & Sinusitis

    29. Headaches & Migraines

    30. Inflammatory bowel diseases - Crohn's disease & ulcerative colitis

    31. Irritable bowel syndrome

    32. IBS summary 2023

    33. Osteoarthritis

    34. Osteoporosis

    35. Parkinson's disease

    36. Urinary Tract Infection treatment notes

    37. Psoriasis

    1. The Impact of Dairy on Health

    2. Erythritol and Health

    3. Stevia and Health

    1. Could NAD Precursors Help to Treat COVID?

    2. Systematic Review: Factors Associated With Risk for and Possible Prevention of Cognitive Decline in Later Life

    3. The Role of Dietary Carbohydrates in Gestational Diabetes. Mustard et al., 2020

    4. The DASH diet

    5. Clinical Nutrition Notes Pages

    1. Client Intake Form

    2. Case Study 1 Upload

    3. Case Study 2 Upload

    4. Case Study 3 Upload

    5. Marking Schedule

    1. Client Intake Form - Reference

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Qualified & experienced practitioner-researchers

Founder & CEO/Senior Lecturer Dr Cliff Harvey

Cliff Harvey PhD, DipFit, DipNat, FCNA is a Registered Clinical Nutritionist, Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist, author, educator, and researcher. He was recently inducted as a Fellow of the Clinical Nutrition Association for his services to Clinical Nutrition in Aotearoa.
In nearly three decades in practice, he has helped thousands of people to achieve their goals, from those who are chronically and acutely unwell, through to elite-level athletes, and ‘elite-attitude’ businesspeople and entrepreneurs.
He is an active researcher and is known for performing foundational research on keto-flu, ketogenic supplements, and 'carbohydrate tolerance'.
Cliff is a best-selling author of several books and is a former world champion strength athlete and competitive submission wrestler.

Members Support/Lecturer/Tutor [Health Science & Clinical Nutrition] Ashley Greaves

Ashley Greaves BA, MSc, CNS is a licensed dietitian nutritionist in the US and holds a master's degree in clinical nutrition. Ashley is our member support guru and clinical nutrition specialist.