Why study supplementation?

Learn safe and effective nutritional supplement practice

Learn about safe and effective supplement prescription for personal trainers, strength coaches, and nutrition coaches.
This course is included in our Certified Nutrition Coach (HPN1) course.

Course curriculum

    1. 1 Intro to Supplementation HPN1 Scope of Practice

    2. Why supplement?

    3. Essential Information

    4. Intro to Supplementation and Scope of Practice Progress Quiz

    5. Foundations of Supplementation for Performance by Cliff Harvey PhD - ACNEM Sports Symposium 2019

    1. 2 Intro to Supplementation Prescription Model

    2. Why take a multi? [Part 1.]

    3. The Prescription Model for Supplementation Progress Quiz

    1. 3 Intro to Supplementation HPN1 Food-Like Supplements

    2. Why take protein powder?

    3. Food-like Supplements Progress Quiz

    1. 4 Intro to Supplementation HPN1 Multinutrients

    2. Why take a multi? [Part 2.]

    3. What to look for in a multi

    4. Multivitamins and Multiminerals Progress Quiz

    1. 5 Introduction to Supplementation HPN1 Ergogen Intro

    2. Dr Eric Helms on supplementation for muscle and strength

    3. Evidence-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding contest preparation: nutrition and supplementation

    4. Talking Supplements by the Team at 3DMJ

    5. Performance Supplements Progress Quiz

    1. Performance Case Study Upload

    2. HPN Client Intake Form (PDF)

    3. HPN Client Intake Form (Word Version)

    4. Case Study Exemplar

    5. Case Study Marking Schedule

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