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    • Welcome and Essential Information

    • How to access your resources

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    • Member Communities, Social links and Facebook groups

    • Become a member-ambassador

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    • How to access research and full-text journal articles

    • How to easily access full-text journal articles online: video tutorial

    • Additional resources and databases for nutrition and natural therapies

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    • The Carb-Appropriate Calorie and Macro calculator

    • How to Use the Carb-Appropriate Calculator

    • Foundations of Nutrition Science for Health and Performance [e-textbook]

    • The Philosophy of Evidence-Based Principles and Practice in Nutrition

    • The Carb-Appropriate Beginner's Guide to Keto

    • All You Need to Know About Keto-Flu 2020

  5. 5
    • Does stress influence sleep patterns, food intake, weight gain, abdominal obesity and weight loss interventions and vice versa?

  6. 6
    • Resit an examination

    • Graduation Application (for Cert.F.H.Sci, HPN1, HPN2)

    • Book a 15 min appointment with Cliff

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    • How to conduct a consultation: The 'Cliff' Notes

    • Discovering variation in responses to differing diets. Evaluating key cases Cliff Harvey

    • Metabolic Insights Panel Discussion

    • Determining ‘Carbohydrate Appropriate’ – Individualising Nutrition Prescription to the Patient Cliff Harvey

    • Personalised Nutrition Panel Discussion

    • New understanding of lipid metabolism, pathology interpretation and dietary application Dr Ken Sikaris

    • Nutrition Foundations for Performance by Cliff Harvey PhD - ACNEM Sports Symposium 2019

    • Intro to Individualising Performance Nutrition by Cliff Harvey PhD - ACNEM Sports Symposium 2019

    • Foundations of Supplementation for Performance by Cliff Harvey PhD - ACNEM Sports Symposium 2019

    • Swapcast! Dr Mikki Williden and Dr Cliff Harvey talk holistic (evidence-based!) wellbeing

    • Early Access Raw Recording from The Scott Gooding Project Podcast

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    • Heart Variability App: HRV4Training

    • Courses from our friends

    • Practitioner-Only and Other Supplements

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    • Check out the new member-only 'Nutripaedia'

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    • The Impact of Non-Nutritive Sweeteners on Health

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    • Badges and terms of use

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Access invaluable resources for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per week!

  • Access exclusive text-books and downloads

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