Why take this course?

Nutrition for women's performance is unique and it's fair to say, that despite a common narrative (and a lack of research on women!)... the female athletes are not just small men!
In this course, athlete, researcher, registered nutritionist, and female health and performance expert Dr Mikki Williden delves into the science behind nutrition for female performance to help women achieve their best sporting (and life) performances.

Whether you're an athlete, practitioner, or are just interested in woman-specific nutrition for health and performance, this is the course for you.

This course is the perfect accompaniment to our "Nutrition for Women's Health" short course.

  • The impact of the menstrual cycle on nutrient utilisation

  • Female-specific aspects of hydration

  • Heat acclimation

  • Iron status and iron deficiency

  • Relative energy deficiency syndrome (RED-s)

Course includes

  • Video presentation

    Video lecture of the key elements of nutrition for women's performance.

  • Lesson transcripts and e-book

    Full lesson transcript for easy revision and and an in-depth e-book on Women's Performance Nutrition by Dr Mikki Williden.

  • Completion certificate

    Completion certificate for proof of learning and continuing education / continuing professional development credits.


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Included in this course

    1. Nutrition for Women's Performance

    2. Female Athlete Nutrition e-book

    3. Nutrition for Women's Performance Quiz

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 3 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Your Instructor

Senior Lecturer [Nutrition & Women's Health] Dr Mikki Williden

Mikki Williden BSc, BPhysEd, PhD is a registered nutritionist with postgraduate degrees in nutrition and public health, and a physical education degree. She is a leader in women's health & wholefood nutrition, with a clinical focus on metabolic health and performance. Mikki is a former researcher and senior lecturer at Auckland University of Technology and is currently a senior lecturer at Unitec.