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Upgrade your existing HPN1 qualification to our Sports Nutritionist specialisation with this course. This is course is specifically for members of our HPN1 Health Coach specialisation, or former graduates of HPN1 (pre-SNA-approval) to upgrade to Accredited Sports Nutritionist

  • Includes additional coursework in Exercise Physiology, Applied Bioenergenetics, RED-S-Energy Availability, & Business for Fitness Professionals

  • Complete the coursework and gain an additional certification in Applied Sports Nutrition

  • This course and resulting certification enables registration with the Sports Nutrition Association and an insured, Accredited Sports Nutritionist

Upgrade your HPN1 Qualification!

Become an Accredited Sports Nutritionist.

Members of our HPN1 Certified Holistic & Performance Nutrition Coach program can upgrade and gain an additional Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition and the ability to register as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist with the Sports Nutrition Association.
Requirements for HPN1 members to complete the applied sports nutrition certification.

Course curriculum

    1. What's required for HPN1 graduates to attain the SNA Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition?

    2. How to register as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist

    3. Register with the Sports Nutrition Association

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