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  • Great for practitioners and anyone passionate about nutrition, health, and happiness!

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5 star rating

A breath of (non-diet) fresh air.

Kylie Stowe

This course really should be compulsory for all health professionals! I was somewhat hesitant about HAES & non-diet approaches to health due to the man...

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This course really should be compulsory for all health professionals! I was somewhat hesitant about HAES & non-diet approaches to health due to the many misconceptions that surround these concepts, and also some fear due to my own fears around ditching diets! Michelle really dismantles the misconceptions and allows you to see a new and improved approach that actually makes sense to help not only ourselves but also our clients and family in a sustainable & compassionate way. This has been truly eye opening for me, on a personal level, but also in the way I approach my clients. Thank you team for this thoughtful, truly holistic & evidence based approach to health.

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What is Empowered Eating?

Empowered Eating Coaching™ is based on the understanding that health is more than just the body, it encompasses physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing as well.
This broad definition is central to all the work I do to help people heal their relationship with food.

Individuality is at the heart of Empowered Eating and long-term health and wellness is centred around an evidence-based approach to health, without rules and restrictions. In fact, letting go of food rules is the missing link to a healthier and happier life.

Together we will work through the Empowered Eating Coaching steps so that you and your clients can feel great - and eat cake (or whatever else you love!)

Michelle Yandle
Founder of Empowered Eating

Michelle Yandle

Course creator & instructor

Associate Lecturer [Health Coaching]

Michelle Yandle

Michelle Yandle BEd, HPN1, is a certified Holistic and Performance Nutrition Coach, educator and entrepreneur. She has written books, inspired audiences around the world; regularly presented on television and radio, working with household name nutrition brands, and her health advice has been featured in the pages of a number of high profile publications. Initially trained as a school teacher, Michelle discovered the benefits of healthy eating based on traditional nutritional principles, and has built a new career through passionately and authentically sharing what she has learnt about ‘empowered eating.’ Michelle's nutrition company - Michelle Yandle Nutrition has helped hundreds of people regain their health without rules, strict exercise regiments or deprivation of any kind.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Module 1

    • Notes for coaches

    • Principle 1 (Finding your why)

    • Handout: Principle 1

    • Additional handouts: Principle 1

    • Module 1 Progress Quiz

  3. 3
    • Module 2

    • Notes for coaches

    • Weight bias

    • Weight bias handout

    • Principle 2: It's not your fault

    • Handout: Principle 2

    • Additional reading

    • Module 2 Progress Quiz

  4. 4
    • Module 3

    • Notes for coaches

    • Principle 3: Pressing pause

    • Handout: Principle 3

    • Additional reading

    • Module 3 Progress Quiz

  5. 5
    • Module 4

    • Notes for coaches

    • Principle 4: Tuning in

    • Handout: Principle 4

    • Additional reading

    • Module 4 Progress Quiz

  6. 6
    • Module 5

    • Notes for coaches

    • Principle 5: Fall in love with food again

    • Reintroducing feared foods

    • Handout: Principle 5

    • If you suspect an eating disorder

    • Additional reading

    • Module 5 Progress Quiz

  7. 7
    • Module 6

    • Notes for coaches

    • Principle 6: Feed the need

    • Handout: Principle 6

    • Additional reading

    • Module 6 Progress Quiz

  8. 8
    • Module 7

    • Notes for coaches

    • Principle 7: Gentle nutrition

    • Handout: Principle 7

    • Additional reading

    • Module 7 Progress Quiz

  9. 9
    • Module 8

    • Notes for coaches

    • Principle 8: Live the life you crave

    • Handout: Principle 8

    • Additional reading

    • Module 8 Progress Quiz

  10. 10
    • Module 9

    • Notes for coaches

    • Moving forward

    • Supplementary info on HAES©

    • Additional HAES© resources

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