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Nutrition for women's health is unique. In fact, it's been stated by many women's health experts that Women are not just small men!
In this course, registered nutritionist, researcher, and nutrition and female health expert Dr Mikki Williden delves into the science behind nutrition for optimal health specifically for women .

Whether you are a practitioner or coach working with female clients, or you're seeking to optimise your own health, this is the course for you.

This course in Nutrition for Women / Female Nutrition includes the following modules:

  • Foundations of nutrition for women

  • The menstrual cycle

  • Nutrition & menopause

  • Sleep, nutrition, and women's health

  • Macronutrients & satiety

  • Fasting and women's health

Course includes

  • 6-part course on women's health nutrition

    Video presentations on the most important aspects of women's health nutrition with key points and explanations by Dr Mikki Williden.

  • Lesson transcripts & E-Book

    Time-stamped lesson transcripts for easy revision to solidify your learning PLUS an in-depth e-book on Women's Health Nutrition by Dr Mikki Williden.

  • Completion certificate

    Completion certificate for proof of learning and continuing education / continuing professional development credits.

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Included in this course

  • 1

    Welcome to this mini-course!

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

    • Women's Health Nutrition E-Book

  • 2

    Foundations of Female Nutrition

  • 3

    The Menstrual Cycle

    • The Menstrual Cycle

    • Progress Quiz

  • 4

    Macronutrients and Appetite

    • Macronutrients and Appetite

    • Progress Quiz

  • 5

    The Impact of Sleep

    • Sleep, Nutrition, and Women's Health

    • Progress Quiz

  • 6


    • Nutrition & Menopause

    • Progress Quiz

  • 7

    Fasting and Female Nutrition

    • Fasting and Female Nutrition

    • Progress Quiz

  • 8

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

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5 star rating

Loved this course

Allison Ward

I had been looking for a women's health / hormone course for such a long time, so was really excited when this course became available. Mikki is so informati...

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I had been looking for a women's health / hormone course for such a long time, so was really excited when this course became available. Mikki is so informative and delivers the content beautifully. I really enjoyed it.

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Your Instructor

Senior Lecturer [Nutrition & Women's Health]

Dr Mikki Williden

Mikki Williden BSc, BPhysEd, PhD is a registered nutritionist with postgraduate degrees in nutrition and public health, and a physical education degree. She is a leader in women's health & wholefood nutrition, with a clinical focus on metabolic health and performance. Mikki is a former researcher and senior lecturer at Auckland University of Technology and is currently a senior lecturer at Unitec.

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  • How long do I have to complete this and other short courses?

    You have 6 months to complete a short course from the date of registration. Once the 6-months is up, you have the option of becoming a Premium Member to keep access to the course material. [Learn more about becoming a Premium Member under 'our courses'.]

  • How many CPD hours for this course?

    There are 10 CPD hours.