Upgrade your existing health qualification to become a health coach!

Learn the foundations and theory AND the practical application of health coaching.

  • Includes Foundations of Health Coaching, a course on the theory and evidence behind health coaching

  • Learn from renowned health coach Michelle Yandle in live health coaching practicums

  • Includes 'Key Concepts of Health Coaching' e-text-book by Michelle Yandle and Dr Cliff Harvey

Are you a health professional?

Find out how health coaching can benefit you.

Existing health practitioners can become qualified health coaches with this upskilling course.
Health coaching is becoming a core component of many health practices as it takes a çlient-centric approach to healthcare rather than the normal 'top-down' approach common in medicine today. Founded on a core of evidence-based practice derived from behavioural and positive psychology, health coaching can be used as a standalone process to help support health and wellness or added to any practitioner's arsenal to allow them to be more effective and to get better long-term results with clients and patients.

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Associate Lecturer [Health Coaching] Michelle Yandle

Michelle Yandle BEd, HPN1, is a renowned health coach and health educator. A Registered Health Coach, and Certified Holistic and Performance Nutrition Coach, Michelle is the founder of the Centre for Empowered Eating and the developer of the Empowered Eating Coach Certification and co-developer of the Health Coaching qualifications delivered at the Holistic Performance Institute. She has written books, inspired audiences around the world, regularly presented on television and radio, working with household name nutrition brands, and her health advice has been featured in the pages of a number of high-profile publications. Initially trained as a school teacher, Michelle discovered the benefits of healthy eating based on traditional nutritional principles, and has built a new career through passionately and authentically sharing what she has learnt about ‘empowered eating.’ Michelle's nutrition company - Michelle Yandle Nutrition has helped hundreds of people regain their health without rules, strict exercise regiments or deprivation of any kind.

Founder & CEO/Senior Lecturer Dr Cliff Harvey

Cliff Harvey PhD, DipFit, DipNat, FCNA is a Registered Clinical Nutritionist, Registered Naturopath & Medical Herbalist, author, educator, and researcher. He was recently inducted as a Fellow of the Clinical Nutrition Association for his services to Clinical Nutrition in Aotearoa.
In nearly three decades in practice, he has helped thousands of people to achieve their goals, from those who are chronically and acutely unwell, through to elite-level athletes, and ‘elite-attitude’ businesspeople and entrepreneurs.
He is an active researcher and is known for performing foundational research on keto-flu, ketogenic supplements, and 'carbohydrate tolerance'.
Cliff is a best-selling author of several books and is a former world champion strength athlete and competitive submission wrestler.